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Chraňte svého bílého miláčka před všemi povětrnostními vlivy s pomocí kvalitních potahů od Cyborkwings.

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Hlavní vlastnosti

  • Waterproof and abrasion resistant material
  • Breathable, capable of removing moisture
  • Immaterial material of high weight
  • Protects the glider from mechanical damage
  • Easy handling
  • Color-differentiated right and left wing (green and red fabric on the underside each wing)

Thanks to several layers of top-of-the-line materials, CyborkWings covers can protect your aircraft from bad weather, including hail and heavy rain. All zips, buckles and straps are made with an emphasis on the maximum durability of the covers. Dressing up an aircraft is very easy and one person can handle it in five minutes.


The topsheet is made of 100% Polyester with impregnated PVC coating. The second layer consists of a 4mm thick polyamide membrane that performs several functions:

  • The membrane does not hold moisture and allows the material to be exhausted so that water does not clog the aircraft
  • Thanks to the thickness and stiffness of the material the aircraft is protected against mechanical damage such as hail

On the underside of the wings is a breathable mesh of 100% Polyester, all materials are fully washable.

Covers consist of five parts:

  1. left wing
  2. right wing
  3. fuselage and canopy
  4. vertical tail surfaces
  5. horizontal tail surfaces

The individual parts are connected by a wide velcro fastener and all joints are waterproof with a great overlap of material.