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We are recently established workshop based in the Czech Republic. Our focus is on surface refinish and repainting of fiberglass gliders including cockpit restoration and other accessories for your best experience both in flight and on the ground.

Our first available places are from summer 2025.

Repainting and refinishing services

We provide complex repainting and refinishing services for gliders and other types of fiberglass planes both for interior and exterior parts. We work with PU (polyurethane) paint for its excellent properties such as elasticity to prevent crackings and UV resistance. For interior you can choose from wide colour palette and paint structure.

We will apply Mylar/Teflon tapes and sealings, new registration marks, reflexive elements and other markings according to your wishes in different colours and designs (painted, high-adhesive decals, etc.). You wil get your plane back with complete documentation of the process, new weighing certificate, year inspection and new ARC. All our services come with a 2-year guarantee.

Interior products and accessories

Feel like at home in your glider – we offer an extensive range of materials and colours for your plane's interior. The most wished ones are leather and alcantara for their durability. We will make the whole cockpit – from seat, headrest, to remote stick, door and ceiling upholstery, document briefcase, etc. for gliders, ULL or GA planes. Your logo and text can be embossed or embroidered.

Made by our exclusive supplier who has an extensive experience making top-quality hand-made interiors for premium car makers and veteran car restorations.

Outdoor covers

Keep your plane safe in any weather. We will dress every plane – from propeller to tailwheel.

Thanks to several layers of top-of-the-line materials, CyborkWings covers can protect your aircraft from bad weather, including hail and heavy rain. All zips, buckles and straps are made with an emphasis on the maximum durability of the covers.

Dressing up an aircraft is very easy and one person can handle it in five minutes. The covers can be custom-tailored with features of your choice such as solar panel window, easy access to canopy window, etc.

Panels and instruments

New exterior, new interior. Our panels are made from fiberglass or duralumin with high-precision milling and laser-cutting. Powder coating or spray painting is used for final finish with wide range of colours available.

We will design the layout to fit all your instruments in the best way possible for the most necessary info visible at a glance.

We can also advise you on best upgrades for the ultimate flying experience based on your preferences – be it cross country flying, competitions, or general use (for club planes).


Contact us

Write us to get a price quotation for your glider surface refinish, interior refurbishment or if you have other questions about our services. Please let us know as many details as you can – e. g. plane manufacturer and type, wingspan, extent of repainting works (whole plane or only parts – fuselage, wings, cockpit, ...) and other wishes.

You can also write us directly to

Our first available places are from summer 2025.


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    Our workhop is located in the Liberec Region of the Czech Republic near German and Polish borders. We also offer pick-up of your plane elsewhere in Europe – contact us, we will be happy to help you.